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Dry cough remedies

Dry cough causes and best remedies to stop dry coughing including syrups, opioids, and even simple respiratory exercises

Woman with dry coughingThe mystery of dry cough is that modern medicine clearly announced that there are known effective and safe remedies to stop persistent or chronic coughing (see the video below with abstracts of published clinical studies). Note that coughing is a very common symptom for people with asthma, bronchitis, and other conditions, such as cystic fibrosis and lung cancer.

Dry cough does not result in expulsion of extra mucus from airways. However, during coughing, air moves with an astonishing velocity through airways (over 120 km per hour) causing excessive friction with possible tear of the already-damaged mucosal layers. This leads to more sputum or phlegm and additional damage of airways (especially bronchi and bronchioles). As a result, inflammation becomes chronic, and … people suffer even from more coughing.

Exercise man with dry coughing chest painPhysical exercise in people with asthma causes a similar effect when high-velocity air flow worsens inflammation and intensifies itchiness and desire to cough more during or right after physical activity.

Therefore, people with asthma and other conditions need to apply special measures in order to prevent more problems with this symptom. Warming up air and nose breathing are crucial in such cases.

However, there are highly effective and very simple remedies that are able to stop dry cough literally in minutes. The top known and tested home remedy is explained in the video below. This video also provides several references that confirm that official medicine is helpless in relation to this common symptom.

You may visit this site for official medical information related to inability of doctors to deal with coughing. As about a permanent solution to coughing, see with more details related to treatment of chronic problems with coughing using breathing exercises.

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